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TECHNIC standard / W0063BB

Fully adjustable work positioning and fall arrest harness with easy-lock buckles


    attachment point for work in hanging position and rappelling according to EN 813

    steel positioning points according to EN 358 are placed symmetrically (steel D-rings are flat and settled on a padding)

    easy-lock buckles enable fluent adjustment to fit the user's body

    2 braided gear loops with a bearing capacity of 10 kg

    slots designed for a secure hanging of expensive equipment (such as power saw, drilling machine...)

    identification and methodical label

    slide buckle intended for chest ascender fastening

    chest attachment point according to EN 361

    dorsal attachment point according to EN 361


Weight: 1620 g [size M/L] (± 15 g) • 57.14 oz (± 0.5 oz)




TECHNIC steel speed / W0064BB

The variant of the TECHNIC harness with the steel components and SPEED buckles


    innovated SPEED buckles enable quick adjustment and putting on and off

    the harness is made in an accordance with strict American standards NFPA Class III and ANSI Z359.1

    corrosion resistance of all steel components is tested by spraying in a salt chamber for a period of 48 hours


Weight: 2450 g [size M/L] (± 15 g) • 86.42 oz (± 0.5 oz)

Specific instructions


Color     black

Weight 1620 g standard • 2450 g steel speed [size M/L] (± 15 g)

57.14 oz standard • 86.42 oz steel speed [size M/L] (± 0.5 oz)

Size        S, M/L, XL

Max. rated load               150 kg


SKU: W0063BB
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